Enhancing semantic bidirectionalization via shape bidirectionalizer plug-ins

Authors: J. Voigtländer, Z. Hu, K. Matsuda, and M. Wang
Published: Journal of Functional Programming, volume 23(5), pages 515-551, Cambridge University Press, 2013.
DOI: 10.1017/S0956796813000130
BibTeX: VHMW13.bib
Abstract: Matsuda et al. (ICFP 2007) and Voigtländer (POPL 2009) have introduced two techniques that given a source-to-view function provide an update propagation function mapping an original source and an updated view back to an updated source, subject to standard consistency conditions. Previously, we developed a synthesis of the two techniques, based on a separation of shape and content aspects (Voigtländer et al., ICFP 2010). Here, we carry that idea further, reworking the technique of Voigtländer such that any shape bidirectionalizer (based on the work of Matsuda et al. or not) can be used as a plug-in, to good effect. We also provide a data-type-generic account, enabling wider reuse, including the use of pluggable bidirectionalization itself as a plug-in.
Download: EnhancingSemanticBidirectionalizationViaShapeBidirectionalizerPlugIns.pdf
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