Combining Syntactic and Semantic Bidirectionalization

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Authors: J. Voigtländer, Z. Hu, K. Matsuda, and M. Wang
Published: In 15th International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP'10, acceptance rate 33/99), Baltimore, Maryland, Proceedings, volume 45(9) of SIGPLAN Notices, pages 181-192, ACM, September 2010.
DOI: 10.1145/1863543.1863571
BibTeX: VHMW10.bib
Abstract: Matsuda et al. [2007, ICFP] and Voigtländer [2009, POPL] introduced two techniques that given a source-to-view function provide an update propagation function mapping an original source and an updated view back to an updated source, subject to standard consistency conditions. Being fundamentally different in approach, both techniques have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Here we develop a synthesis of the two techniques to good effect. On the intersection of their applicability domains we achieve more than what a simple union of applying the techniques side by side delivers.
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