MA-INF 3318 - Seminar Verification of Complex Systems, Winter Term 2013/14

For the instalment of this course in Winter Term 2015/16, see here.


Organizational Notes:

About the Seminar:

The seminar is jointly organized by researchers from the Fraunhofer-Institut für Kommunikation, Informationsverarbeitung und Ergonomie (FKIE) and the University of Bonn. The focus is on techniques for analyzing the correctness of complex systems such as software. Both theoretical foundations for such techniques and consideration of practical tools are of interest. Specific themes of interest include (a selection will be made, see literature and tools below):
  1. Specification formalisms and languages
  2. Decision problems
  3. Modelling desired properties of a system
  4. Model checking
  5. Theorem proving
  6. Static (flow) analysis, abstract interpretation
  7. Code analysis using heuristics
  8. Testing (approaches, frameworks, coverage criteria)
  9. Runtime verification (instrumentation, monitoring)
  10. Applications and pragmatics of verification
The aim of the seminar is that students develop profound knowledge about a given subject by studying the literature, understanding scientific publications, presenting the results in written and oral form, and discussing with fellow students. Each student (max. 10) will be given literature on an assigned topic, will read that and possibly further literature selected on their own, and after self-study and discussion with a supervisor (from among the lecturers) will write a seminar essay on the topic (about 10 pages). In addition, each student will give a talk on the assigned topic (about 40 minutes, plus discussion). Both the essay and the talk will be graded.


The seminar does not depend on a specific previous lecture. A general command of logic and mathematical formalisms is expected.

Literature and Tools:

In Winter Term 2013/14, the following literature and tools will be considered (one or more per participant):