A Generic Scheme and Properties of Bidirectional Transformations

Authors: H. Pacheco, N. Macedo, A. Cunha, and J. Voigtländer
Published: arXiv:1306.4473
BibTeX: PMCV13.bib
Abstract: The recent rise of interest in bidirectional transformations (BXs) has led to the development of many BX frameworks, originating in diverse computer science disciplines. From a user perspective, these frameworks vary significantly in both interface and predictability of the underlying bidirectionalization technique. In this paper we start by presenting a generic BX scheme that can be instantiated to different concrete interfaces, by plugging-in the desired notion of update and traceability. Based on that scheme, we then present several desirable generic properties that may characterize a BX framework, and show how they can be instantiated to concrete interfaces. This generic presentation is useful when exploring the BX design space: it might help developers when designing new frameworks and end-users when comparing existing ones. We support the latter claim, by applying it in a comparative survey of popular existing BX frameworks.
Download: AGenericSchemeAndPropertiesOfBidirectionalTransformations.pdf
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